Disposable medical mask

Disposable medical mask

60 boxes (3000 pieces/carton) per carton

Size (LWH) 80.5x43.5x33.2cm

Weight: 13.8kg

Product name: Disposable medical mask

Capacity: 1 million pieces per day

Filter rate: BEF>= 95%isms

Wear on the nose and mouth


Product composition: This product is composed of cover body, nose clip and mask belt

Usage: It is used for respiratory protection and can filter particles in the air to block droplets and various microorgan

1) It is prohibited to use if the single package or horizontal surface is damaged;

2) This product is a disposable product and please destroy it after use. 

3) Please use immediately after the package is unsealed;

4) Masks should not be worn front and back together;

5) Please replace the mask in time when it is damaged or contaminated;

Storage conditions: the relative humidity of the product should not exceed 85%, and the product should be stored in a room without corrosive gas or well ventilated.

Validity period: 3 years

Executive standard: EN 14683:2019 +AC:2019 [E], Type I

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